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¿Who we are?

The big picture...

We are a group of 9 young-adults that since 2006 try to improve education in the African continent. More about us

We are focused on Ethiopia, and we colabore with:

  • Father Angel with his project in Wukro, Ethiopia.

  • ADCS with the construction of schools in the region of Tigray, Ethiopia.

The small picture...

History of ANM

África Nos Mira was founded in September, 2006, after two members of the team met Ángel Olaran, a basque missionary who is living in Ethiopia for more than fifteen years, and who manages an orphans' project in Wukro, in the region of Tigray, in northern Ethiopia. When they came back, they wanted to create an association to collaborate in his project. Angel has several projects in Ethiopian territory, but all of them have a common denominator, they have the purpose to help out those who are in major need (orphans, widows, prostitutes, prisoners, reforestation projects, sanitary help, children’s canteens, microcredits, and many more.)

Parallel to this initial idea we created an organization capable of managing new projects, getting in the area of the education and knowing our second local counterpart, the ADCS. With them and with public and private companies we have been capable of carrying out different projects of education as they are detailed later.

What do we do?

From Africa Nos Mira we collaborate in two scenes:

a) In the project initiated by the missionary Ángel Olaran, who has the aim to supply more than 1000 orphans with the basic needs of their everyday life. Our commitment is to guarantee the integral sustainability of 250 kids, so we can give them the opportunity to have a better future.

Thanks to the experience that we gained from our trips to the African country, we concluded that education is one of the cornerstone’s to achieve that these kids, who are nowadays at the Ethiopian streets, will be able to help out their country in the future.

b) For this reason, and in collaboration with our counterpart ADCS, we also carry out projects for educational facilities, with systems for access to water, in the regions of Tigray and Afar, building, extending or refurbishing schools in the most needed villages.

In short, we want to add our efforts to collaborate with our local counterparts, Angel and the ADCS. If you want to know more about our projects, enter the section PROJECTS

Our philosophy

1.-Our vision: 1 € in Barcelona = 1 € in Ethiopia. The money that comes from our members arrives entirely to the orphans' project of Wukro. This means that money associated to costs, will not, under any circumstance, come from our members’ contributions (unless their donation is specifically made to cover them).

2.-100 % voluntary work.

3.-Transparency with the partner. After every transfer to Wukro we will publish in the web the bank extract. You can check likewise how are the projects in process.

4.-Communication. Across our web page and the ordinary correspondence we will keep you informed about all the news and innovations of Africa Nos Mira. If you want to be informed of the last news we invite you to visit our website often.

5.-Collaboration of other entities. Currently there are several companies that help us in different aspects of our NGO; tax matters, printing, design, courier services, etc. You can see them in section COLLABORATE.