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STATE: Finished

LOCATION: Village of Ambesset (Tigray’s region), Ethiopia.

Extension of a primary school by means of the construction of four classrooms to teach 5th to 8th grades of primary education, reconstruction of the already existing building, the necessary equipment, pedagogical center/library, lavatories for the students, and the setting up of a system of rain water collectors.

Direct beneficiaries: 400 students (aprox.) per year plus four teachers. Indirect beneficiaries: 1.363 inhabitants of Ambesset and surroundings (54 % women and 46 % men).

Awlie Ambesset’s community, Local Government, ADCS, Intercom, Roviralta Barcelona Foundation, Ibercaja Foundation, Francisca Roviralta Suiza Foundation, Gestión y Administración Mobiliaria S.A and ANM.

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