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STATE: Finished

LOCATION: Village of Bidera (Tigray region), Ethiopia

Creation of a primary school by means of the construction of the necessary infrastructure (4 classrooms, 2 bedrooms for teachers, library, headmaster and teachers’office and astore) to teach the first four courses of Primary Educationin in Bidera, providing it with the necessary equipment. Besides, we install of a manual pump in the surroundings of the school to facilitate the access to drinkable water.

Direct beneficiaries: approximately 210 students and 1.200 inhabitants with a substantial improvement in the access to drinkable water. Indirect beneficiaries: 800 inhabitants of Bidera and surroundings.

Bidera’s community, Local Government, Regional Government (Gulomakeda’s Education Scullery), ADCS, Roviralta, Nature and ANM.

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