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Awlie Ambesset is finish

Construction of 4 classrooms, 1 additional classrooms, lavatories and a system of rain collectors

Ambesset is a small village of approximately 1.363 inhabitants, placed in Gulomakeda's region. Ambesset is 22km north to Adigrat, between Adigrat and Fassi. A road communicates the village with other places.


Through the direct observation during the process of identification of the project and analysis of the reality of the area, there was verified that great part of the current problems of Gulomakeda's region stem from the shortage of educational centers.
In Awlie Ambesset, only existed even 4th grades of primary education and after finishing them the pupils of Ambesset had to walk, from their houses to the most nearby college, distances that meanta walk from 75 to 90 minuts , which implied that year after year the number of pupils who were continuing studying was decreasing. The above mentioned problems were worse in for girls, who were obliged to leave school to develop domestic tasks and the water suply at the age of 8 years.
Being so, the main aim of the project was to give the children of Ambesset the necessary environment and tools for a fully development that allowed them a worthy project of life and an opportunity of future.


To cope with the mentioned problems it was proposed:

• The reconstruction of the already existing building

• To build 4 new classrooms to teach from 5th to 8 th grades of primary and like this complete Primary Education in the same school

• Pedagogical center/library

• Lavatories

• The setting up of a system of rain water collectors

• To supply all classrooms with the suitable equipment and (commitment that the Gulomakeda’s Education Office acquired) the whole material necessary for the normal development of the activities of the school.

• Select four qualified teachers and the headmaster of school, to guarantee the good development of the educational center (Gulomakeda’s Education Office and ADCS).


Direct beneficiaries: 400 students (aprox.) per year plus four teachers.

Indirect beneficiaries: 1.363 inhabitants of Ambesset and surroundings (54 % women and 46 % men).


Awlie Ambesset's community, Local Government, ADCS, Intercom, Roviralta Barcelona Foundation, Ibercaja Foundation, Francisca Rovilralta Suiza Foundation, Gestión y Administración Mobiliaria S.A and ANM.