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Our philosophy in educational projects

Sometimes we complement them, improving water facilities

The finished and undergoing projects that we have worked on are based in creating/improving elementary schools, complemented with improving on the drinkable water access.

Why education?

The Third World has many needs that is not easy to prioritize the most urgent ones. We believe that education must be a pillar in the developement of the people with more needs.

Education as a developement driving force so...

- they can be free, no one can manipulate them and they can defend what is theirs.

- they can develope as a person and as a professional, so they can prosper

- they can have access to qualified jobs and don\'t have to live badly

- child labor can be eradicated

- the leaders and representatives can be more qualified

- they can decide how to develope their village, region or country

Why elementary education?

We would like to see that the number of graduates in higher education increases in the future, but the facts are that nowadays more than 60% of the ethiopian population is illiterate. That is why we think we should focus now on the most basic: everyone should learn how to read, write, add and substract.

Why in these places and not others?

Selection criterions for the projects location

ANM\'s philosophy is that each project should be proposed by the beneficiaries, the comunity (via administration and/or the ADCS) and not imposed by us.

We just choose the projects from the diferent proposals. With the aim of chosing the places in an objective way and in order to establish an educative center in the most needed vilages while assuring a minimum of quality, the following criterions were stated:

1. Number of beneficiaries (kids)

2. Distance to the closest elementar
y school

3. Possibitiy of increasing the number of lectures given (when expanding an existing school)

4. Participation of the comunity in the project

5. Assignment of the land for the school

6. Willing of the local partner (government or catholic diocese) to defray the maintenance costs (salaries, material, improvements of the building, cleaning, etc.)

(The items 4, 5 y 6 are reflected in the agreement signed before ANM makes official the compromise with the comunity)

Once a location is identified as a posible project, ANM visites the place several times and meets with the comunity, administration and the education department of the local partner, in order to guarantee the success of the project.

África Nos Mira\'s know-how

We have learn many things since we started: from the place, the local partners and the tipology of the projects that we have carried out.

It is our willing to make the most of the experience and focus in:

1. Work on those projects that we know that we can do it properly: related with elementary education and access to drinkable water

2. Work with trustable local partners, always with the help of our local partner, the ADCS

3. Work in the places that we know better, the northern part of Ethiopia

Our willing is to continue working in this direction, learning from our experiences and improving our work in the region.